‘Jeopardy’ contestant loses money because he said ‘Gangster’ instead of ‘Gangsta’

Nick Spicher was not a happy camper when he discovered he got this question wrong

Jeopardy host Alex Trebek isn’t going to let mispronunciation slide on his show.

Nick Spicher, a contestant on the show, thought he had the right answer on Monday night. The answer related to Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” and John Milton’s “Paradise Lost.”

But while the answer was “Gangsta’s Paradise Lost,” what Spicher actually said was “Gangster’s Paradise Lost.”

The mispronunciation was enough that Trebek, who had originally awarded Spicher the money for the answer, not only took back the money but deducted another $1,600. The judges, Trebek said, wouldn’t accept Spicher’s answer as correct.

You can check out the Jeopardy moment for yourself below.