Shocking video surfaces of Rah Ali attacking Black Ink’s Star Sky

Things take violent turn in reality stars' ongoing feud

Things take violent turn in reality stars' ongoing feud

(Photo: Robin Marchant/Getty Images and Rob Kim/Getty Images)

During Diddy‘s New Year’s Eve “Black Excellence” party, Love & Hip-Hop‘s Rah Ali attacked her Black Ink rival Star Sky.

Video of the brawl was captured and found its way online.

The two reality stars looked as if they were going to bury their longstanding feud, however, when Ali went in for a hug, she decided to take a hit. Sky fought back, and the two of them fell into the backdrop before they could be broken up.

Ali and Sky’s beef dates back to 2016 when the two got into it over a post on social media. Ali posed with ex pal Remy Ma to talk up an eyelash line called AlyCat Lash Inc., but Sky broke in, taking issue with the fact that Ali seemed to be trying to take credit for a line that was actually created by Sky’s best friend.

Since then, the two ladies have traded jabs back and forth on online. Ali claimed that Sky just wanted attention, while Sky posed with french fries asking where the beef was.

But that all came to a head on New Year’s Eve when the two of them met at the black carpet on Sunday night.

You can check out the video of the messy moment below.