Tiffany Haddish delivers epic 17-minute acceptance speech at NYFCC Awards

Everyone's new favorite comedic actress reminds us she's truly one of a kind

Tiffany Haddish delivers epic 17-minute acceptance speech at NYFCC Awards
(Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)

Tiffany Haddish delivered an epic 17-minute acceptance speech at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards.

After being honored as best supporting actress for Girls Trip, Haddish approached the microphone with a Tiffany Toast cocktail in hand and joked, “It’s delicious — I had two, and I do feel like magic.”

And that set the tone for the whole speech.

Haddish hilariously checked that her name was spelled right and then started going down the list of the people she needed to thank, including God.

“I want to thank God, because without God, my mom and daddy wouldn’t have put their two uglies together and made me; they put two crazy people together to make one awesome crazy person,” she said.

Haddish also dished on a story about getting the Girls Trip role. Apparently, some crew members on Keanu urged her to audition, but her agent warned her that she should steer clear.

“My agent was like, ‘They only want to see names,’ and I was like, ‘You tell them I’ve had a name since 1979,'” Haddish said.

Tiffany won’t ever stop being Tiffany

But in between all the jokes and stories, Haddish did have a few more serious moments. She promised to stay true to herself, even in the land of show business.

“I think this whole business is about how you feel, what you put out to the world and how you make other people feel. When you feel good about what you’re doing, in my mind, it makes other people feel good,” she said. “I hope everybody in here is super happy and super rich, and if you’re not happy, change your thought patterns and start having happy thoughts, because it’s your fault you’re not happy. Nobody’s in control of your emotions but you.”

“That might have been too much information, but I don’t care. I’m teaching y’all something today.”