Tessa Thompson clears up rumors that she’s feuding with Lena Dunham

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Tessa Thompson was among the many women in the entertainment industry who helped to create the Time’s Up initiative, which allowed women without financial backing to have the courage and support to speak out about their situation without fear of being bankrupted by lawsuits.

She posted an image on Sunday of herself with several other actresses who were part of the initiative. But a few people noticed that the picture included Lena Dunham, who came under fire for defending Girls writer Murray Miller, who had been accused of rape.

Thompson responded to Dunham’s inclusion by basically spilling that Dunham had just showed up for the photo op.

“Lena was not anywhere present in our group during the countless hours of work for the last two months. We hosted an open house for the actresses for red carpet messaging and Lena presence was a surprise to us all. This is a time of reckoning. And for many, a re-education. So many women also have real work to do. I’m afraid it’s too nuanced a conversation to have on this platform. But I hear you, and know that your thoughts and words are not lost on me. It’s been discussed,” Thompson said, according to New York Magazine.

The internet, of course, loved the shade Thompson was throwing and praised her for speaking the truth.

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The walk back

But then on Tuesday morning, Thompson seemed to walk back her comments.

“A response I made to comments on an Instagram piece became fodder for a piece that I believe was designed to create conflict where there isn’t any. It’s perhaps more complex than that,” she wrote on Twitter.

“But I, in no way, want to diminish Lena Dunham and her work, her voice, and her importance. We have spoken and she knows my heart,” she added.

Twitter was quick to respond, telling Thompson that she didn’t owe anyone an apology for being genuine. They weren’t happy with the walkback, clearly.

Check out some of the responses below.