A Staten Island woman reported to police that she was sprayed in the face with acid, leaving her with serious and possibly disfiguring injuries. She suffered second-degree burns to the left side of her face as well as her scalp.

It turns out that she made up the entire story and purposely burned herself. She has a history of inflicting harm on herself though it is unclear if she has ever blamed another person for her injuries in the past.

Lizzie Dunn, 52, reported to detectives that a black woman she didn’t know attacked her as she was walking to a bus stop on Woodrow Road near Carlton Blvd. in Arden Heights. The imaginary attack happened on Monday morning.

She said that she was alone when a woman came up to her asking for cigarettes and money.

“I just kept walking,” Dunn said while recovering in the hospital. “I didn’t respond and I think that triggered something in her.”

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She also reported that she was sprayed in the face with acid to Daily News and even provided pictures of her blackened face. After the “attack” she entered Rocco’s Deli and asked those working there to call 911.

On Tuesday, she fully recanted her story and those investigating found evidence that contradicted her original report. Dunn has a history of self-harm.

Authorities determined that she fabricated the attack in which she said she was sprayed in the face with acid as they attempted to get more details from her regarding her attacker.

They found that she used a spray bottle in her home to burn her face with acid and her body had scars from previous self-inflicted injuries.

It is not yet clear if she will be charged for falsely reporting being sprayed in the face with acid to the police.