Jimmy Kimmel prank reveals white people have no idea who MLK is

The late night TV host exposes America's ignorance with latest segment of 'Lie Witness News'

People are asked questions about Martin Luther King, Jr. during a segment on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”(Photo: ABC/Jimmy Kimmel Live)

In honor of President Donald Trump‘s first MLK Day while in office, Jimmy Kimmel thought it’d be a fun idea to prank white people by asking them who’s side they’re on in a fictional “Twitter war” between Trump and Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Though King was assassinated 50 years ago, Kimmel’s “Lie Witness News” segment revealed some alarming truths: white people have no idea that Martin Luther King isn’t alive nor do they appear to really know who he is.

Say what?!

Despite the seriousness of such an American tragedy, it was admittedly hilarious to see white people asked questions like “Why do those two not get along?” and “Was it wrong for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to skip the president’s inauguration last year?”

“I don’t think that wrong was the right word, but I think that Martin Luther King has the right to not go,” one person said on-camera about the fake news that MLK refused to attend Trump’s inauguration. “He could have something to go to. Maybe he had a family event…maybe a funeral.”


When asked to send a message to Trump and the presumably living King, the man says, “I think you guys gotta settle your differences and become friends.”

Let’s all just be glad that no one involved in this TV disaster was Black. See the train wreck of a segment below.