Follow these Twitter accounts to get your financial glow-up

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My Fab Finance
My Fab Finance (Photo: @myfabfinance Instagram)

If you’re the type to make New Year’s resolutions, there’s a very good chance that at least one of them has to do with getting your money right. There’s also a good chance that you have already gotten off track with your guap goals. Fortunately for you, there are approximately 8,988,563 ways to soak in some solid financial wisdom and a lot of it is readily accessible and does not involve sitting in some corporate office with a pricey consultant.

Look no further than your Twitter feed for a bevy of tips and tricks that will have your money stacked right in no time.


A lot of times when you think of financial advice, you think of some guy in a stuffy suit whispering in a millionaire’s ear about how to stash his dough in off-shore accounts on some exotic island. But the Budgetnista’s Twitter feed is for all of us regular thousandaires and check-by check kind of people. She offers practical , step-by-tiny-step advice to help you dig yourself out of financial ruts and develop healthy money habits and routines. Many of the tools she offers are free or pretty close to it.


The Finance Bar is perfect for those just starting out on a path to getting their financial lives together. Not only does this Twitter feed offer up sound advice about what actions to take, it also provides daily motivational sayings to keep you in the right mindset. Sometimes it is quotes from famous, successful people and sometimes it’s just a comforting word or two to get you motivated and focused on the task at hand.


My Fab Finance is the place for comprehensive financial know-how that runs the gamut of different situations that everyday people find themselves in all the time. From tax advice for entrepreneurs to tips on how to talk about money with a romantic partner to figuring out a way to pay down students loans and still make rent, My Fab Finance has a word of wisdom for money predicaments in real life.


There are life coaches, career coaches, basketball coaches, etc. Why not have a money coach? On the Money Coach Twitter feed, you’ll find a ton of tools to develop and nurture your financial intelligence, which will in turn become smart money decisions. The Money Coach breaks down seemingly intimidating finance topics into practical, digestible bits. The account also frequently suggests apps and software that make smart money moves easier and accessible.