South Carolina mom files police report against student who shared her daughter’s racist Snapchat post

A Snapchat photo featuring students from James Island Charter High School.

A South Carolina mother has filed a police report against a student who shared her daughter’s racist Snapchat post online.

Apparently, the mom believes that her daughter was subjected to cyberbullying because so many people slammed her daughter for racism after the post went viral, according to the Atlanta Black Star.  

The post itself showed two girls wearing face masks, one black and one white. But the real clincher was the caption: “Happy MLK weekend.”

Rick Wilson, who shared the post, said that it was the caption that prompted him to share it in the first place because he knew that it pushed the post into racial territory.

“I clicked it and I looked and I saw ‘Happy Martin Luther King Weekend,’ and I was like well that has to have a hidden meaning behind it,” the high school senior added.

So, he shared the racist Snapchat post, along with the caption, “It’s crazy how racism still goes around in 2018. Share and make this viral.”

It’s that last part that has one mother upset, since the post did in fact go viral, and her daughter has since had to reap the consequences of being the subject of a racist post.

The school and the girls respond

James Island Charter High School has since responded to the racist Snapchat post, saying that it “offended many people,” whether or not that was the intention of the post.

“The post does not reflect the values and beliefs of the school,” the school said in a statement.

What’s more, the school said that it had spoken with the two students involved and was in the midst of disciplining them.

The girls have also apologized, saying that they didn’t mean anything by the post. One girl said that it was not a “conscious decision” and the other said that she was “disappointed” in herself for the “dumb decision.”