Amina Buddaflay FINALLY files for divorce from Peter Gunz

So, why is the couple still working together?

Peter Gunz Amina Butterfly
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After years of displaying their dysfunctional relationship on the small screen on Love & Hip Hop, Amina Buddafly and Peter Gunz are finally calling it quits.

Amina posted a snapshot of divorce papers on social media and confirmed that she has moved on from her former flame and father of her two children for good.

“It’s pretty simple: Peter and I have been separated living separate lives for two years now, that is a long time and a lot can happen in two years,” she told TheJasmineBrand.


“But it finally doesn’t hurt anymore, so with a new year I felt that this was a good time for me to take action, since he wouldn’t. I just don’t want to be married to someone I’m not with anymore.”

Gunz took to social media to share his reaction and insists he still has love for the singer who he constantly juggled with another one of his baby’s mamas, Tara Wallace. He shared Amina’s snapshot of the court documents writing, “THE END.”

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The end..

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There doesn’t seem to be as much bad mood between the pair as we would assume considering Gunz has continued to promote his ex’s music despite their split. He posted a photo of himself with Amina and explained that he plans to continue supporting her music career.

“Our divorce is not ugly.. No lawyers no judges no Mediators!! Just us.. I love @aminabuddafly and the Beautiful Queens she gave me.. Divorce in our case is not a bad thing it’s best and won’t change the support and love for her my kids and her music.. no comments necessary,” he posted.

In case you forgot, we first met Amina when she was being managed by Gunz. He was living with Wallace at the time, but sneaking around with Amina behind her back. Eventually, the pair got married, but Gunz continued to bounce back and forth between the two women, and got each of them pregnant with more of his offspring (there are six in total) throughout the ordeal.

We can’t help but wonder if his perpetual charm has allowed him to stay linked to Amina professionally. Why else would he continue to promote her music post-breakup?