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Rotten Tomatoes’ score for Black Panther is in and it’s 100 percent.

The film doesn’t premiere until Feb. 16, but the first batch of reviews are in and so far, it seems critics are more than impressed by the highly anticipated film.

As of today, the website was indicating a 98 percent “want to watch” rating and now that initial reviews are in, the film is off to an incredible start.

Black Panther‘s perfect Rotten Tomatoes score makes it the highest debut for a Marvel superhero film to date, according to the Daily Dot.

… And the NAACP is set to release their Baltimore Economic Inclusion Plan, a 35-page document detailing economic inequality in Baltimore that they have been working on for months.

The organization plans to release its report at their national headquarters in Baltimore today, along with reports about St. Louis and Charlotte, N.C.

The civil rights organization decided to look into these three cities in particular because of the unrest that has taken place in recent years resulting in episodes of police brutality, predatory lending and other discriminatory practices, according to the Baltimore Sun, 

NAACP President Derrick Johnson points out that at the root of these issues are more significant underlying problems like inequality.

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