Well it’s Black History Month, and while most of us are spending the time celebrating black pride and joy— one young high school student is fighting for respect.

Malcolm Xavier Combs says he requested to have his shortened name – “Malcolm X” stitched on the back of his senior high school sweater at Christ the King High School in Queens.

But instead of a fresh sweater- he got a call to the principal’s office— saying he couldn’t get it done.space“> 

His administrator and school coach reportedly laughed and said Malcolm X was someone the young man didn’t want to be associated with.

Comb’s parents have called Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, and want the school to hire more diverse staff- as well as do cultural sensitivity training

Malcolm X was one of the most influential teachers, intellectuals and leaders in American history.  Stories like this only highlight why WE have teach our children to KNOW their history— lest someone else rewrite it.

So what do you think should happen to these administrators and other schools who keep acting out against black kids?

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