Beyoncé becomes first woman with three albums to surpass a billion streams

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While we weren’t looking, Beyoncé went and broke another music record.

MTV noted that Queen Bey had broken a Spotify record, becoming the first woman with three albums surpassing a billion streams. The albums are: 4, I am… Sasha Fierce, and Beyoncé.

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Once passed the billion mark, it was the third album to do so, giving Beyoncé the record. “Run the World (Girls),” and “Love on Top,” both of which were on the album, accounted for 400 million streams alone.

But while it’s no surprise that Beyoncé is out here breaking records, this one is even more impressive because it’s a Spotify record, and Beyoncé hasn’t even put her whole musical selection on that streaming service.

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Lemonade, which was the highest-selling album of 2016 and broke iTunes’ record as the fastest-selling album ever, isn’t on Spotify. The album also broke another record when it made the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200, marking her sixth in a row.

It’s easy to think that if Lemonade had been on Spotify, it would have been the third record to put her over the line for that record, and she would have had it sooner.

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But Beyoncé has been loyal to her husband, JAY-Z’s, streaming service, Tidal. That’s where you can find Lemonade for streaming, and that’s where her future work will be, too.

So that means Beyoncé is so amazing that she’s breaking records on a service that she doesn’t even put her new music on. Not that we’re surprised. She’s been out here breaking records for ages, and we’re excited to see what expectations and ceilings she’ll shatter next.