Le Luxe is a one-stop salon in downtown Brooklyn, which caters to women of color. (theGrio)

When it comes to beauty and haircare, black women know that taking good care of yourself takes time.

Not only do we spend energy traveling to different locations to meet our beauty needs, but we also spend a good amount of money depending on where we shop.

Le Luxe Beauty Studio in Brooklyn, NY is setting out to eliminate stress and increase self care, by offering everything from hair styling to nails, make up to high quality facials all under one roof.

The shop was opened in 2016 by Millie Lachapell, who had a vision for giving women a luxurious experience in their backyard, without the stress of running from place to place.

“I combined everything,” says Lachapell.  “It’s a one stop shop, there is nothing we can’t do.”

Having worked in corporate America for years, Lachapell dreamed of becoming her own entrepreneur, wanting other women of color to feel like royalty in their day-to-day lives as well.

And that’s just what she’s accomplished.

Upon walking into Le Luxe, visitors are greeted with large velvet purple chairs and offered beverages from tea to champagne.  There’s an ambiance of relaxation and the salon isn’t so big that it will get loud, even with a full house.

Friendly hairstylists donning all black uniforms can hook up hairstyles from natural curls with color, to extensions.

Le Luxe also offers hair bundles and extensions you can buy right at the salon, including traditionally straight styles, deep waves and kinky curly textures.

“I saw the need to provide good quality hair at an affordable price,” says Lachapelle. “It’s just another way of saying, you don’t have to go anywhere else.”

I tested out a sew-in with stylist Gigi, and she was phenomenal.  She braided quickly, and carefully sewed a net to protect my hair without doing it too tightly.

My goal was to add fullness and match my natural curl texture with slightly longer extensions.  The result was one of my favorite hairstyles to date.

On the nail care side of the salon, visitors can relax in large plush black velvet chairs with pedicure bowls to soak their feet.

The salon’s nail technician can hook up intricate designs, as well as slay some great acrylics in different shapes. (Mark your calendars for Tuesday and Wednesday when they offer nail specials!)

One of my hands down favorite experiences in the salon was the facial.  Specialist Teshaka has magical hands and an incredible steamer, and she’ll massage your skin back to life, as well as exfoliate to remove dull skin cells.

The aromatherapy and relaxation of the experience made it a must-do for my monthly self-care checklist going forward.  She also does incredible makeup, which you can see below.

I overheard another skin specialist talking with a client who was trying to figure out pigmentation issues, offering her helpful tips and practices to try at home.

You can tell this is a business where people care about their clients and want them to leave feeling and looking their best.

Overall, Le Luxe Beauty Studio proved itself to be a high quality salon, with talented artists who do great work for the client they service.  I’d recommend this location for brides and bridal parties as well, who are looking for a spot to get glammed up together before heading out.

During our interview, LaChapelle revealed her dream is to open up more studios in other states.

Based on my experience, I can definitely see that happening.

Check them out at http://www.leluxebeautystudio.biz/ and stay on the lookout for the way their #businessmoves.