No one is in demand like Love & Hip Hop Miami star Amara La Negra is right now. The reality TV actress and artist says she’s been getting plenty of love in her “DMs” from potential suitors but right now she’s enjoying the single life.

In an exclusive interview on theGrio LIVE this week, the 27-year-old singer says her rising celebrity hasn’t made the dating game any easier.

“Look at all of this!” the reality star laughs, pointing to her body. “And I’m keeping to myself because ’cause I ain’t got no man. I get a lot of DMs and stuff like that but I think I can be a little bit intimidating, and it’s a little hard to find a man that can understand my career. That knows that if I’m traveling and I don’t come back home for two weeks, I’m not doing anything else, I’m literally just working.  So it’s a little hard to find that.”

We can relate Amara. We can relate.

The Miami-born Dominican singer has been on a whirlwind press tour, making stops everywhere from the BET Social Awards to The New York Times.

She’s been promoting her brand of self love, taking down colorism against black women in the entertainment industry, and dropping new music including her single “What A Bam Bam” on Tidal.

But does this mean she’s all business and no play?

“I would love to be dating,” says Amara. “I don’t really have a lot of time for that, but we could make some time!

As for today, the singer says she’s still got plenty of love to go around.

“Valentine’s Day, I’ll probably be working. And I’ll FaceTime my mom and I’ll probably be with my crew…I do have my eye on a couple of guys… I can’t say.”

“I’m just gonna keep it to myself and maybe one day you’ll see it.”

Smart moves girlfriend.  We’ll stay tuned!

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Amara La Negra joins theGrio Live!

TheGrio Live!: Hey Grio Fam! Today, we have singer and cast member of Love and Hip-Hop Miami, Amara La Negra, in the studio with us today to discuss her music career and more!

Posted by TheGrio on Tuesday, February 13, 2018