Trey Songz has been accused of physically assaulting a woman over the NBA All-Star weekend.

According to TMZ, a woman filed a police report after she said that Trey Songz hit her in the face on Saturday. The woman said that she had been at a party with Songz in Hollywood Hills, California. She claims that the singer had become upset when he saw her talking with another man. They argued, and he hit her in the face.

The woman went to the hospital to be treated for her injuries and also filed a police report.

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Now, the woman is being represented by attorney Lisa Bloom, who released a statement to Us Weekly:

“I represent the credible, bruised woman accusing Trey Songz of beating her, and more, last weekend in the Hollywood Hills. She alleges that she was hit multiple times in front of people who did not try to stop him,” Bloom said in the statement. “She has gone to the hospital and the police. Now it’s time for justice. There is no excuse for violence against women.”

“In every case, it’s important that witnesses step up and tell the truth, especially when a wealthy, powerful person is accused of misconduct. If anyone has information about this case, please contact us,” Bloom added.

Trey Songz responds on Twitter

On Wednesday, Trey Songz sent out a tweet that said simply, “This too shall pass.”

He has not commented on the matter directly, and neither have his reps.

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Back in December, another woman accused her of smacking her phone out of her hand. And in 2016, Songz was arrested after he started throwing equipment on stage at his concert.

The L.A. City Attorney is currently looking at this latest case to determine whether charges will be filed against Trey Songz.