Nick Cannon’s upcoming movie, She Ball, is already facing problems, but not from critics.

The issue is with the movie crew members, who are coming together in a class action lawsuit claiming that they got stiffed when it came to their work on the movie, according to TMZ.

In the lawsuit, the crew members claimed that Cannon failed to give them overtime pay and even refused to give the crew meal and rest breaks.

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Drivers, grips, camera operators, lighting crews, location managers and set dressers also reportedly complained that Cannon had been late paying them.

Cannon reportedly told TMZ that he wasn’t too worried about the accusations back in January. Even then, there were reports of disgruntled employees on the movie, but Cannon distanced himself from the problem. He claimed that he was only the big name attached to the film and that he wasn’t actually the source of the problem.

Basically, the buck stops with someone else.

But you’d think that Cannon would take a little more responsibility, considering the fact that he wrote, produced, directed and starred in the movie.

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Cannon is excited for the film

As for the film itself, this is a project that Cannon has been excited about since it got started.

“I’m very excited for this film. It’s something powerful for the culture, uplifting for the community, and the film’s main objective is to empower women! It’s going to be Ncredible!” Nick told Variety of the project.

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The film follows the story of Avery Watts, played by Cannon, a man who wants to help save the Inglewood Community Center. So, he enlists the help of some talented, fierce women basketball street league players. These talented women are also great forces for Avery in raising his seven-year-old daughter.

The movie is expected to come out sometime this year.