WATCH: Chris Brown and Lil Dicky switch places in “Freaky Friday” video

The singer weirdly tackles racist stereotypes by experiencing life as a white boy

Freaky Friday video

Chris Brown just dropped new music and it’s freaky to say the least.

In the new song “Freaky Friday,” Brown switches places with 30-year-old rapper, Lil Dicky, and gets a taste of what it’s like to be an unknown white guy instead of the controversial singer that he is today.

On the DJ Mustard-helmed track, each artist takes on the others persona, meaning Brown sings as Dicky and Dicky raps as Brown, and the result is a little more hilarious that we expected.

Dicky wakes up in Brown’s body and is overjoyed to suddenly find himself as a rich, famous, African American man who is shall we just say…well-endowed.

“I just FaceTimed Kanye/ I told him I’m his biggest fan, yeah/ Got all these hoes in my DM/ Holy shit, I got a kid / Oh, I can sing so well/ Wonder if I can say the N-word?” Dicky raps.

One of Dicky’s first thoughts (one we assume many white men in his shoes would wonder) is whether or not he can “finally” say the n-word without getting smacked.

At the same time, Brown is relieved by his new form and enjoys the idea of being left alone and unbothered by paparazzi and haters; that is until he realizes someone else must be in his body and wonders if they remembered to take his daughter to school.

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There are a few cameos from other famous faces at the end of the video when Brown morphs into even more people and makes other startling discoveries. He turns into  Ed Sheeran, DJ Khaled, “Why am I yelling?,” and Kendall Jenner, “Oh My God, I have a vagina.”

Check out the video below:

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The music video dropped on Thursday, probably to coincide with Dicky’s birthday, and is the first offering in three years from the rapper who performs under the alias, “Brain.” The way too lengthy introduction of “Freaky Friday” is an ode to the 2003 Disney film of the same name.