Video of baseball player beating girlfriend sparks outrage


    Danry Vasquez, the Minor League baseball player who was captured on video brutally beating up his girlfriend says now he’s a changed man.

    Vasquez spoke to El Emergente and apologized, saying he’s seen the error of his ways and wants forgiveness.

    “This incident happened almost two years ago,” Vasquez said. “I’ve truly changed. I’m engaging in activities that have helped me change. I’ve matured as a person and I know what I did, or at least what was seen, which shouldn’t be seen as an example or anything that can be amended.”

    “I also realize that scenes from this incident were powerful,” he said. “As a public figure, I should be setting a better example. Today, I ask for forgiveness and want to show that this will not happen again. I understand there will be more backlash and I’m leaving everything in God’s hands.”

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    According to documents obtained by TMZ, the Venezuelan outfielder was arrested in August 2016 on domestic violence charges in Texas after repeatedly pummeling his girlfriend Fabiana Perez in her head and dragging her down a flight of stairs in Whataburger Field stadium. Officials were reportedly in possession of the video at the time of the arrest.

    She said she dated Vasquez for six years and even got engaged but broke it off months after the incident.

    Perez refused to press charges at the time. But because of the proof in the video, Vasquez was given probation and ordered to complete a series of anger management courses. Earlier this month, on March 6, the case was formally dismissed following the fulfillment of those terms.

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    Perez didn’t press charges back then but now says she wished she had gone through with seeing charges against Vasquez.

    She spoke with Univision about the video.

    “Now, when I watch the video, I remember things and I say, ‘How could this have happened, why did I not do anything, why did I not react?’” Perez said.

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    “May God forgive him, only he knows what he did,” Perez said. “If I had the conscience I have now, I would have made another decision.”

    At the time of the incident, Vasquez was playing for the Corpus Christi Hooks, which is an AA minor league affiliate of the Houston Astros. Days after the incident, the MLB placed Vasquez on administrative leave while his team officially released him.

    Vasquez then found work with the Lancaster Barnstormers in Pennsylvania (part of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball) in January of this year and was subsequently also released on March 13, 2018 following the release of this video.

    “There is no choice but to sever the relationship, said team manager, Ross Peebles. “Neither I, nor the Barnstormers’ organization as a whole, can condone or associate with that behavior.”