A few weeks ago, Juelz Santana reportedly fled Newark International Airport after he was caught trying to smuggle a gun through airport security and onto his flight. Santana, whose real name is LaRon Louis James, became the center of a hilarious meme after he ditched the airport and went on a two-day run. 

According to North Jerseya judge denied the rapper’s bail package on Monday.

The specifics of the bail package is unknown, but the judge rejected it, stating that it was insufficient to allow Santana to be released on charges related to weapons and drugs. No other information was given.

Santana, 36, has been in jail since March 12. The Totowa, NJ resident was on the run from authorities for two days until he turned himself in to the Port Authority Police detectives. 

The famed Diplomat has been charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, carrying a weapon on an aircraft, and also for unlawful possession of a weapon, possession of drugs, and an unspecified federal warrant.

-Are Will Smith and Jay Z making mental health cool for black men? We hope so!-

TSA uncovered a loaded two-shot Derringer pistol, oxycodone pills, and his ID from his carry-on bag, which he intended to take aboard his flight from New Jersey to California.

Santana’s next court hearing has not been announced.

Past Run-Ins With The Law

Santana’s defense attorney Brian Neary wrote in a statement that they are “gathering his information as quickly as possible to ask the judge to release Mr. James as we wait to review and defend the charges.” According to NJ.com, the U.S. Attorney’s office will be seeking a pre-trial detention for the Diplomats artist. 

In 2011, Santana was arrested for possession of marijuana and possession of loaded handguns at his Bergenfield, New Jersey music studio. In 2013, Santana was convicted of drug distribution — for which he is still on probation.

Santana is best known for his feature on rapper Cam’ron’s hit “Hey Ma” as well as his top ten single “There It Go (The Whistle Song).”