True Crime: Video shows granddaughter of Morgan Freeman in confrontation with boyfriend before fatal stabbing

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Morgan Freeman’s granddaughter recorded video of her boyfriend just hours before he stabbed her to death in 2015, according to footage shown in court at the boyfriend’s murder trial.

E’Dena Hines, 33, filmed her boyfriend, Lamar Davenport, now 30, who was high on PCP at the time.

The video, according to the Daily Mail, shows Davenport angrily and repeatedly demanding that Hines turn off a light, at one point telling her, “Am I to walk toward it and die!?”

Just hours later, Davenport would stab the granddaughter of Morgan Freeman to death.

Davenport’s lawyers claim that Davenport should be considered to have been insane during the attack. He has claimed to have been given a “bad batch” of PCP, a mind-altering drug that is known to be able to cause hallucinations.

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Because of this, Davenport’s argument in his defense has been that he was in a drug-induced psychosis and therefore not acting as he normally would if he had been in control of his own mind.

A witness recalled seeing Davenport straddling Hines and holding her down.

“He was yelling things about releasing the devil out of her. And then he pulled out a knife, and then he proceeded to stab her multiple times, Cristina Aviles said, according to The New York Post.

Hines was stabbed 25 times.

On the other side of the trial were Hines’ family members, including Deena Adair, 55, Hines’ mother, who emotionally recalled the time she spent with her daughter on the day she died.

“We drove to Jamaica, Queens to go look at the house that was my grandparents’ house,” she recalled.

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Later that day, they made plans to get together the next day. Sadly, they never would.

Adair did not raise Hines herself because she had given birth to Hines at age 19. Instead, Hines was raised by Freeman’s second wife, Myrna Colley-Lee.