Enjoy the HBCU Experience During SpringComing in NYC

HBCU Springcoming + National Black Justice Coalition Talks Diversity at HBCUs

Hey Grio Fam! Today we have Executive Director of National Black Justice Coalition, David Johns, Author and Writer, Michael Arceneaux, Managing Director of Community Affairs, Teach For America , Imani Hope, and TGNB Health Advocacy Coordinator, Nala Toussaint, in the studio to discuss HBCU SpringComing, and more.

Posted by TheGrio on Thursday, April 19, 2018

Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) received the ultimate cosign last weekend from Queen Bey during her Coachella performance, giving America a front row seat into HBCU culture.

The homage which included: Black Greek life, majorette dancing, and a soulful band was a nice reminder of why the HBCU experience is so unique, especially during these times were statistics indicate that enrollment numbers for HBCUs have seen a decrease and the institutions vitality is constantly questioned.

The celebration of the infectious HBCU experience continues this weekend (April 20 – 22) in New York City at the 4th annual HBCU SpringComing. The event is co-founded by Lauren Grant, founder of The Grant Access, and George Twopointoh, Listen Two Me. The event was created to provide a similar experience in the Spring that HBCU students, alumni, and fans anticipate attending each Fall during homecoming.

“HBCUs have been under quite a bit of attack this past year, particularly given our political climate,” Grant said. “But the beauty of HBCU SpringComing is that it reminds us of how our institutions, their students and alumni, have always risen above the challenges and adversity, come together and made a greater impact on and in the community. We see this evidence of this everyday in the contributions of HBCU graduates around the world, and we’re committed to continuing to recognize, celebrate and support the legacy of our institutions through HBCU SpringComing,”  said Grant.

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Attendees prepare yourself for a weekend filled with parties, brunch, a School Daze themed tailgate, fitness bootcamp, Sunday worship service in Harlem and such much more.


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“Many of us who had the opportunity to attend a historically black college or university look back on our college days and are reminded of both the academic and life lessons we learned, the culture of service that was instilled upon us, the lifelong bonds that were formed and the great times we had,”  said Grant.

HBCU SpringComing affords people the opportunity to relive those days while also creating a space for us to recognize, as we say in my fraternity, our achievements in every field of human endeavor, whether or not we are able to make it to our actual schools each year,” said Twopointoh.

The HBCU experience is steeped in providing a place for Black students and people of color to obtain an education in a safe environment while having some fun and exploring the world and endless possibilities. SpringComing picks up where the HBCU experience leaves off. This weekend you have a chance to enjoy an event that will feel like a family reunion and be unapologetically Black.

To learn more about this year’s event and to register click here.