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A California popcorn shop in Emeryville is under fire after the owner hurled racial slurs at a group of black kids, calling them the n-word and chased them out of the store, the Atlanta Black Star reports.

Cornology CEO Mark Stone, was identified as the man calling the youths n*ggers, but he has since denied it saying it was an employee instead. He claims the worker was trying to get 25 Black kids out of the store because they were stealing change from a tip jar and had taken popcorn and soda too.

Stone’s side of the story was challenged by witnesses who said it was about 10 Black kids in the store and that Stone was rude to them and demanded that they leave within minutes of walking into the shop.

Sound familiar?

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A video shared by social media user Faye Eastman-Adams went viral.

“… This business owner just chased a group of young black kids out of Cornology yelling, “don’t come back here N—–S!” Eastman-Adams said in a Facebook post on Sunday. “I went straight to security, along with two other women, to make my complaint against [this] ignorant man. His shop should be shut down! We don’t allow this shit here! Unacceptable!”

The video has sparked such outrage that the store’s Yelp account is getting hammered with negative reviews.

Aisha Weber, confirmed Eastman-Adams’ story to the San Francisco Chronicle saying that Stone spewed the hateful racial n-word several times.

“He said, ‘Get out of here n—s,’ and he was throwing his hands in the air,” Weber said. “That came from his heart. That came from him. He didn’t want those kids in the store from the beginning.”

Stone has since tried to apologize but the damage is done.

“Regretfully, you can’t take back something that was in the heat of the moment,” said Stone, who maintains he wasn’t the “worker” involved. “We’re very sorry that was the result of what happened.”

He continued: “Unfortunately, some employees were sick over the weekend, so there was only one person in the store,” he added. “It startled him. He regrets it terribly. It’s not who he is or who we are.”

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