Jeannie Mai’s Trump-supporting ex-husband already expecting baby with new woman

'The Real' co-host filed for divorce six months ago.

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Just six months after filing for divorce from her husband of ten years, Jeannie Mai has learned that her ex-husband is already expecting a baby girl with his new woman.

The Real co-host was open about the struggles she and her former husband, Freddy Harteis, faced when it came to agreeing on whether or not to have children. Ultimately, the disagreement led them to part ways.

“We have to always do what’s right for that person that we’re imaging and we’re thinking of first. For both sides, I have to know that I love him so much I want him to be happy, first and foremost and I cannot stand in that way. And he has to do the same for me,” she said on The Real.

“You know how much I love Freddy, my husband, he’s my life. Before we got married, I was very clear about the fact that I probably would not have kids, just because I never felt that. And now, getting older, he definitely seems like he wants kids and he actually came out and said he wants children. It’s just really hard because I can’t have a child for another person and you don’t have a child to save your marriage, but we are in love and we are enjoying life and he’s my Freddy and I’m his Jeannie and we don’t have any other problems except that. Right now we are clinging to each other and we’re waiting for God to kind of tell us what that means, and it’s kind of weird to go to sleep every single night holding on to that person you love so much, not knowing where it’s going to go.”

Well, where it went was to divorce court as Mai filed for divorce in October of 2017. Now, her ex is already expecting a child with his new love, and he’s sharing his happiness on social media as if there’s nothing shady about the situation.

“If you’ve seen me in the last six months you have seen me not able to wipe a crazy grin off my face because of a beautiful woman who captured my heart. And, in the last four months, I have been walking on the clouds because of the thought of us having a miracle of our own and yesterday, my heart about burst out of my chest when we found out our precious child, would be our precious DAUGHTER. I cannot wait to hold and kiss my sweet girl, she will be crazy beautiful like her mama. Inside and out! I am overwhelmed with excitement and hope for this beautiful little life on the way! I can’t help but be giddy about this miracle on her way! Daddy can’t wait take you hunting little one:) xoxo,” he posted.

Hartéis has made no secret of his support for Trump, so we’re not surprised by his lack of a moral compass.