Video catches white man’s venomous racist rant against Black women on train ‘You’re a loudmouth monkey!”

Man goes on racist rant on LIRR

A white man went on a venomous rant against a Black commuter calling her “monkey” and yelling other obscenities on a Long Island train.

A woman on the Long Island RailRoad (LIRR) recorded the nasty exchange and said the man got upset because the woman was talking too loudly in line, the New York Daily News reports.

“You’re a loudmouth monkey motherf–ker,” the man said before completely blowing up into a fit of rage.

“I can’t listen to your black ass no more,” said the bold racist who was traveling on a train from Penn Station to Long Beach.

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As he continued to berate the woman, another black woman chimed in and said, “shut the f–k up,” without using racist slurs against him.

That made the man even more angry. He then snapped back:

“Oh, you loudmouth b–ch,” he told her. The woman responded, “Like your mother.”

The went off the rails and continues his racist taunts.

“Do you know who your mother is?” he said. “You don’t know who your mother is because you’re a f–king monkey.”

The rider who record it, Aneesa Janat Rafeek, and posted it on Facebook explaining:

“He started off by mumbling under his breath,” she wrote on Facebook. “Then escalated to yelling at her about being a loudmouth b—h. When another young woman, also black, stood up for her, he continued to yell and call them monkeys.”

Rafeek, said while the white man was unruly and the aggressor, the black woman never raised her voice.

“What this video does not show — him getting up to get in the young women’s face to scream at her more,” she wrote. “It was honestly so disgusting to witness.”

She continued to defend the black woman’s actions in her Facebook post.

“Say what you want in regards to ‘both’ sides being ignorant and needing to be quiet,” she wrote on Facebook. “Have someone start yelling profanities at you for being ‘loud’ and see how you react.”

Long Island Rail system officials are reviewing the incident and don’t condemns the man’s behavior..

“This language is offensive, completely inappropriate, and has no place in our society, let alone on the Long Island Rail Road,” spokeswoman Nancy Gamerman said. “We are actively investigating this report.”

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