If you waited until the last minute to start shopping for Mother’s Day gifts, TheGrio’s got you covered.

Whether you’re shopping for your mom, your wife, or your BFF, we’ve got a rundown of some of the greatest gifts you can give to honor the special lady in your life this weekend.

5Tea from Nya Tea


Nya tea was born in Los Angeles and is sourced globally. The black-owned company’s mission is to curate the highest quality, hand blended teas with the utmost care. Each blend is crafted with special attention to design and production, ensuring that everyone who comes into contact with NYA TEA has the most pure experience. Our fave is Bara Vara, a blend that gently fuels you with a cup full of anti-inflammatory properties, thanks to the wondrous root,  turmeric. This blend assists you in maintaining your very best self at all times. Boosted with a hint of black pepper and ginger and balanced by the sweetness of apple and a splash of lemon.

Price: Use special code (GrioTea) to knock $9 off an exclusive set of three (3.5 oz.) special blends that include Elysian Park, Bars Vara, and Mercedes Gonzales.
Where To Buy: NyaTea.com