Fox News claims Trump finally called Waffle House hero James Shaw Jr.

James Shaw, Jr.
Waffle House patron James Shaw, Jr. (C) who stopped the shooting at a Waffle House where a gunman opened fire killing four and injuring two attends a press conference with the FBI. (Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images)


On Monday, without any prior notice to reporters, President Donald Trump called Waffle House hero James Shaw Jr. to congratulate him on intervening to save dozens more people from being killed in the deadly Nashville shooting that killed four, the White House announced.

Fox New reports that Trump and Shaw talked on Monday morning, according to White House spokesman Raj Shah. But there’s no word on how the conversation went or if Shaw has been invited to the White House for a photo opportunity or to be awarded a medal.

I mean, he is a hero.

Anthony Wall, the Black man choked by a police officer at the Waffle House, says server hurled N-word and he’s received violent threats since the incident

A week after his heroic quick thinking stopped a shooting at a Nashville Waffle House, 29-year-old Shaw launched a GoFundMe effort for the four shooting victims raising $200,000.

He started the fundraiser to benefit the families of DeEbony GrovesAkilah DaSilvaTaurean Sanderlin, and Joe Perez. Shaw, who was grazed by a bullet from the gun, managed to tackle shooter Travis Reinking as he was reloading and tossed the rifle over the counter.

Reinking escaped from the restaurant and was eventually caught following a more than 36-hour manhunt.

A separate GoFundMe account was launched by journalist Yashar Ali for Shaw and his daughter, which is also nearing $200,000. Shaw has been showered with praise over the last week from nearly all corners of the globe, except from the White House.

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Shaw said on his Facebook page that these shootings will not stop and—much to the chagrin of the NRA—will use his new-found fame to be an advocate for common sense gun laws.

“I’m using this platform not only for the families that lost people and the other wounded victims,” Shaw says in the post, “but also for future incidents, education young men and women about…gun violence.”

Shaw also got kudos from Ellen DeGeneres, Dwyane Wade, and his alma mater Tennessee State University, all before the President decided to call as an afterthought.

He is also adding his voice to the Parkland activists and recently shared photos of their meeting.