The Download | May 16th: White woman calls cops on Black real estate investor + Spike Lee thoughts on Donald Trump + Black teen receives full ride to Harvard

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Here is #thedownload for May 16th.

Michael Hayes, a Memphis real estate investor, ran into trouble when he arrived at a house to do an inspection and a white neighbor called the cops on him. But when the police arrived, instead of being on her side they put her in check.

And Spike Lee had a few words for president Donald Trump during a press conference for his acclaimed film ‘BlackkKlansman.’

BlacKkKlansman includes a powerful ending messaging about Heather Heyer— the young woman who was killed when a White nationalist ran her over with a car, during the Charlottesville protests.

And in good news, congratulations to Richard “Tre” Jenkins, 18,  from Philadelphia. Jenkins received a full ride to Harvard university!

Jenkins overcame poverty and bullies who once teased him for being a “nerd” by giving him the nickname “Harvard.”