Bishop Curry’s fire royal wedding speech draws criticism from unseasoned-sermon enthusiasts

(Photo by Owen Humphreys - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Bishop Michael Curry brought the heat to the Brits with an animated sermon that was perfectly seasoned at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding, earning kudos across the world.
However, Curry’s spit-fire oration also drew criticism across social media for its long-windedness and let’s be frank, a Church of England service isn’t normally the place where you’d hear epitaphs of Dr. Martin Luther King, followed up by a black choir belting out a Ben E. King ballad.
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The internet took notice of just how fidgety Harry’s extended royal family was getting while sitting in the church pews listening to Bishop Curry drop knowledge bombs about black folk’s plight from slavery to salvation.
Even Saturday Night Live took a shot of Curry with a funny skit that had Michael Che asking the preacher (played by Keenan Thompson) about his lengthy, well-received sermon where he responded.
“They told me I had five minutes but the good Lord multiplied it into a cool 16.”
In all honesty, the American Episcopalian preacher was a little over-the-top but that’s normal pulpit culture on this side of the pond. On the other hand, the regal shade was real.
Cut to the crowd where the confused faces and pursed lips said plenty. And Twitter took notice. Harry’s step-mum Camilla looked awkward. His sis-in-law Kate Middleton looked as if she was side-eyeing Curry at every praise break and Harry’s cousin Zara Phillips’ reaction was of utter confusion.
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And God did save the Queen because we couldn’t find her reaction anywhere. But we’re sure she whispered something to the effect of: “This chap is quite animated isn’t he,” in Prince Philip’s good ear.

Social media reacts

Twitter users made mention of Kate Middleton’s side-eye. She was sitting next to Camilla and was caught a few times on the brink of busting into laughter.

While Curry was delivering a sermon that would have had the church mothers chanting hallelujahs, you didn’t hear a peep at the royal wedding.
One Twitter user @Suzi‏ @SuziS00 took issue with Curry’s tone.

“Very much too loud and very disrespectful.. it’s their wedding not the evangelist tv hour .. took the attention of them ..& went on & on pushing his own agenda , royals are non political.. it’s a family a church where centuries of relatives are buried ,he hijacked it.”
One user even had the Jabari Tribe from Black Panther fed up with Curry for taking too long.

We’re pretty sure by this reaction, Harry’s cousin Zara Phillips has never been to a black church.

While one of Elton John’s most notable songs is the Lion King’s Can You Feel the Love Tonight, we’re not sure if he was feeling Curry’s Power of Love sermon based on this reaction.

Say what you will that was one reaction that was priceless.

In praise of Doria Ragland

Markle’s black momma Doria Ragland sat by herself in a pew, poised with honor, prestige and dignity. If the Lord says come as you are, then Ragland owned the place. With her nose ring intact, and perfectly coiled dreadlocks peeking from underneath her hat, the single momma shined in that moment of glory as the woman who gave birth to royalty.