Watch Michelle Wolf drag ABC for launching ‘Roseanne’ show and joke about enslaving white people to fix racism

Michelle Wolf
Comedian Michelle Wolf attends the Celebration After the White House Correspondents' Dinner hosted by Netflix's The Break with Michelle Wolf on April 28, 2018 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images for Netflix)

While most people are praising ABC for taking a stand to cancel Roseanne Barr’s hit-show after her racist rant against Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, Michelle Wolf says not so fast.

Wolf, who gained popularity for her cut-throat jokes at the White House correspondent’s dinner earlier this year, tore into the network on her Netflix talk show The Break, reports Deadline.

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Wolf said ABC did nothing more than give an already known racist a platform that she never should have been given in the first place.

“Kudos to ABC, it takes a lot of courage to fire someone after they’ve been openly racist for the thousandth time,” Wolf said in a segment titled “Internet Goofs.”

“Everyone’s been saying it’s so brave of ABC to cancel their biggest hit show, but the bold move was actually putting this lady Hitler chef back on the air in the first place,” Wolf said.

Barr has since admitted to being a devout Trump supporter, and pictures surfaced online showing her dressed as a Nazi baking “burnt Jew” cookies during a photoshoot for the satirical Jewish magazine Heeb.

Wolf also went in on Barr’s buddy Bill Maher and said he and Samantha Bee often get away with offensive jokes against minorities.

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Wolf offered this solution: “How about we enslave all white people for a couple hundred years,” she proposes.

“And even after they’re not slaves anymore, still hold them down in society, devalue their existence by comparing them to animals, never apologize, never really make it right, and then after that there will be no more double standards and everyone will get fired for everything they say.”

We’re sure Maher will clap back at Wolf soon enough!