Police arrest Black woman who smashed equipment in a rampage at a gym

The unidentified woman used weights to destroy the gym equipment.

GoodLife Fitness in Toronto’s Liberty Village area got some impromptu renovations last week thanks to an unhappy gym goer. According to Global News, staffers asked the unidentified woman to leave the facility because she was not a member of the gym.

Reportedly, the woman than became enraged and used weights to destroy gym equipment.

Videos posted on Instagram show her throwing dumbbells at a mirror and bashing a treadmill with a pole. She also allegedly cracked a window.

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Toronto police were called to the GoodLife Fitness location on June 3. Someone at the gym called the cops once the woman began destroying equipment. In one of the videos posted on Instagram, men in the gym are surrounding the woman as she appears to scream at them. There is some shoving before she walks away from the group.

Police arrested her and charged her with mischief over $5,000 according to Global News.

GoodLife Fitness issued a statement on the matter, noting that they are “eager to understand how the incident could have been prevented.” According to the gym, no one sustained injuries during the violent outburst. “GoodLife Fitness strives to provide safe and welcoming spaces, and we are grateful that no one was injured,” read the statement.

Online Reactions

Several of the online comments on the video made light of the siutation. Instagram user humlik_a joked about the woman’s outburst actually being a workout. “Totally normal… This is how 9/10 workout. The secret to building muscle is to destroy the equipment and everything else in the gym… Don’t believe me try it. Pick up a weight that you just can’t manage use bad form to lift it and then drop it as hard as you can while screaming…lmao ?? she just took it to the next level it’s all good,” read the comment.

Not everyone found the video to be funny. Online commenter kswynar@hollyleighc wondered if the woman had mental health issues. “So shitty the juiced up gym rats cursing at her when she clearly has mental health issues. Makes me sad that these shit heads roam the hood,” she wrote.

Yet another Instagram user pointed out how dangerous the situation could have become if things were escalated further. She would’ve been shot & killed by cops in USA & they would throw a parade in honor of ‘those brave cops,” wrote tupacaveli.