Black man finds “The N*gger Owner’s Manual’ at his job

Deandre Adams

Just about every job has a manual on best practices and procedures, but an employee at the Obion County Highway Department in Tennessee said he’s the victim of racism after finding a manual of a different sort about how to keep Black people in check.

Deandre Adams, a black man, said he’s experienced racism for a while and his suspicions were confirmed when he found the “The N*gger Owner’s Manual,” in a file cabinet among other paperwork, WREG reports. He’s hired an attorney after working for the department for seven years.

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“I was shaken when I saw that. I think that we who are not of color sometimes sit in our happy places and want to believe that this kind of thing doesn’t go on anymore,” the victim’s attorney Kathy Laughter-Laizure said.

Adams found the racist four-page playbook two weeks ago in a file cabinet. It gives instructions on how to install, configure, house, entertain and even kill black people, Laughter-Laizure said.

Adams said he’s been met with several racist experiences over the past seven years.

“A guy who was a forearm at the place one day fashioned a noose and waved it at Mr. Adams. He had a comment to the effect of, ‘Ain’t this a part of your heritage?” Laughter-Laizure explained.

The four-page manual also includes a headline titled: “My n*gger keeps raping white women.”

Adams said he complained to his bosses but to no avail. They instead told him to keep quiet and they would handle things.

The department’s attorney Steve Conley said he was looking into the matter but has not yet received an original copy of the manual.

“It’s just horrible what I read,” Conley said. He also vowed to get to the bottom of it and get fingerprints run on the manual.

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