On Tuesday graphic pictures surfaced of Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy’s ex-girlfriend with a very bloody face and a swollen lip, but McCoy said he’s not responsible.

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The widely shared Instagram post with a picture of Delicia Cordon, McCoy’s ex, with a battered face was posted by user @miamor_i_adore who claimed that McCoy allegedly beat and brutalized her best friend Cordon.

She wrote:

@shadymccoy is THE DEVIL!!! YOU ARE AN ANIMAL!!!!!! We didn’t say anything about how you beat your dog “Henny” into kidney failure. Let’s not talk about all the times my best friend had to stop you from VICIOUSLY beating your son for small things like peeing in the bed. We kept quiet about your drug usage … all the ILLEGAL steroids and needles you were using, but we will not keep quiet about this!!!!!! I can’t believe you did this to my best friend!!!!! YOUR KARMA IS GOING TO BE SO REAL!!!!!! The world needs to know what type of animal you really are!!!!!!! This was just her yesterday on the left and now this morning this is her on the right!!!! #WomanBeater #AnimalAbuser#ChildAbuser @nfl @tmz_tv @buffalobills

[WARNING: Graphic Image]

While the horrific post with blood streaming down Cordon’s face has social media buzzing, @miamor_i_adore has deleted her Instagram page. For his part, McCoy denied the abuse claim and on Tuesday said that the accusations are “baseless” and “completely false.

“For the record, the totally baseless and offensive claims made against me today on social media are completely false,” McCoy posted on social media Tuesday afternoon.

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“Further more, I have not had any direct contact with any of the people involved in months.”

TMZ Sports has also reported “EMTs responded to a home near Delicia’s address early Monday morning.” No further details were available.

According to docs obtained by TMZ Sports, that report says the two “have had a contentious relationship for a while. McCoy went to court in June seeking to get a judge’s order forcing to her to move out of a home he owns in Alpharetta, Georgia.”

The Bills told the Daily News they have spoken to McCoy and that they have contacted the NFL as they gather more information. The NFL in turn has acknowledged an investigation is underway.

This is a developing story.