Grio Good News Report | Creator, TiffanyJ, found a unique way to help young black girls with their self-esteem

Daily Good News Report.

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A lot of us know young girls are often given mixed messages about body image, self esteem and beauty. That’s why a young Black creator named TiffanyJ, set out to create a doll that literally talks to girls to send positive messages.

The Super Beauty Pep Talker Doll is a plush doll that offers 20 self esteem boosting expressions and affirmations, to help girls build confidence and embrace their natural beauty. Developing the doll has been a passion product for tiffany j says she suffered from depression herself during her childhood.

Along with a book series, there is a traveling mascot to inspire young girls at schools, churches, camps, and more. The pep talker doll is available for pre-order now and officially launches this August.

So if you know a young girl who could benefit, check out the doll but also lift her up with words of affirmation every day.