While Wendy Williams is enjoying the fruits of her success, there are moments that she fears she will be the target of racists the talk show host revealed tearfully on her Wednesday show.

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During the popular hot topics segment of The Wendy Williams Show, Williams took a moment to get personal and address the recent racist incident The View co-host Sunny Hostin said happened to her on the Fourth of July. A group of kids called her and family members n*ggers and shouted obscenities at them, reports the Jasmine Brand.


#WendyWilliams gets emotional while talking racism ***SWIPE***

Williams was visbily overcome with emotion on her Wednesday show about the racist incident and then got candid. The award-winning talk show host admitted that she lives with the fear that she will one day have to deal with nasty racists outside her own home.

“Um. Secret truth,” Wendy Williams begins, “Other than I don’t like to mess with people who don’t smoke, drink, or have sex. Another secret truth, every day I go home I look – I look – to see if there’s going to be a cross burned or whatever, and we live in a very nice community. I can’t even look at you while I talk about this!”

She covered her face with one hand and dabbed away tears with the other and then continued.

“If people want to splash poop on your front door, burn a cross, drop a note in your mail box. Every day! EVERY DAY! That’s my thought when I’m pulling up to the house. And when my kid goes out to walk the dog, every time, ‘Make sure your cellphone is on. See something, say something.’ Why are we still dealing with this?!”

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Wendy Williams then grabbed her black and white hypnotizing pendulum and said to her audience:

“I’m trying to hypnotize you not to be racist! Every day! Every day! I have no reason to be wondering about that except for that I’m Black in America! And even though I have a good job and on TV and stuff, it doesn’t mean CRAP!”

We feel you, Wendy. If only it were that easy to end racism.