Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen wants you to glisten up!

BECCA Cosmetics has teamed up with Teigan once again for a body shimmer collection that will have beauty lovers clamoring for it this summer.

Supermodel, TV personality and social media slayer Chrissy Teigan opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about the Becca x Chrissy beauty collaboration which features 3 brand-new, limited-edition products that promises to perfect your summer glow.

There’s the scented Glow Body Oil ($42), Glow Gloss lip gloss ($22) in three colors: sandy pink, mauvy rose and pearly berry and the  Endless Bronze & Glow facial powder compact ($38).

This is the second time around for Teigan and BECCA after last May’s launch of the Glow Face Palette ($46).

Chrissy Teigen dished about the inspiration behind the collaboration and her daughter Luna‘s newfound love for makeup.

Her thoughts on body glitter…

“I think all of us children of the ‘80s and ‘90s really took pride in how much body glitter we could wear and then the trend kind of died out, so we’re bringing it back in a chic way. It doesn’t smell like bubblegum and it’s not a thick gel like it used to be or a rollerball; it’s something really classy. You put in on your décolletage, your collarbones and shoulders, or in your hair. It can go anywhere. I even put it down my nose. It’s just a beautiful body glow to have on the beach.”

Why she’s a gloss girl…

“Yes I am, because it’s so easy. With lipstick, you have to do the liner and you kind of need a mirror. With a lip gloss, I can sort of find my reflection in my clutch bag and still put it on.”

Her fave beauty shortcuts being a busy mom of two…

Less of everything, honestly. It’s so nice to have a compact that’s a one-stop shop, which is what we’ve done with the bronzer. You can use your finger on a little highlighter and do it down your nose or blend all three shades together and have this beautiful cheek glow. It’s about being able to highlight the features you love the most. I do lips and cheeks and hide everything else with a huge pair of sunglasses. It’s goof-proof, which I need, because I do everything really quickly; I want something I can use in the car!”

Luna’s love of makeup…

“She’s used everything! When it comes, I have to hide the boxes from her because she goes, ‘Oh presents!’ She thinks everything is for her. She’s very selfish. Everything in the world is created for Luna. What we’ve learned to do now is not teach her that these things open, so she’s happy applying them closed. She’ll smack her lips and say, ‘Good?’ And I say, ‘Yes it’s perfect!’ We take the powder out and she just messes with the brush and the compact case. But she loves watching me do makeup. She loves supplying lotion. She sits on the ground and helps me apply my lotions. I think it’s one of the cutest things about her age is how helpful they want to be; they don’t know that you’re bossing them around. I’m like, ‘Luna, can you help me put on my lotion?’ and she’s like ‘Yeah!’”

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