Couples Trip: Bloggers recommend four destinations for a memorable getaway

Lisa and Lucas Barbar in Takayama, Japan
Lisa and Lucas Barbar in Takayama, Japan. (Photo courtesy of subject)

There are few moments as special as exploring a new destination. And the icing on the cake is when you get to do that with someone that you love. Traveling with a partner allows for a chance to reconnect, unplug, and be inspired to get romantic and creative. Whether you’re sharing a sunset, trying a new kind of food, or just taking a moment after months (or years) to relax, there are an incredible number of exciting places to explore.

World traveler and blogger Yolanda Felton has visited over 55 destination, often with her husband Brandon and their daughter Lily in tow. She shares many of those experiences on her blog, Eat Drink Travel Mom. For couples looking to travel together, she says, “Be sure to carve out some alone time. As amazing as it is to travel in tandem, taking time to explore separately can sometimes be helpful. Even a morning coffee or massage apart can be reinvigorating. I personally love to sneak out first thing in the morning for a workout or walk on the beach. I think it makes me a better partner, in travel and in life.”

Here are just a few places to consider traveling with your partner, straight from couples who have done it themselves.

Best Place to Fall in Love All Over Again: Hanoi, Vietnam

If you want to spark some romance, Yolanda says go east. “Hoi An is a stunning city, with graceful canals that light up at night. The ancient buildings evoke a sense of tranquility. Almost as beautiful, the capital of Hanoi is filled with architectural wonders and serene lakes. The gorgeous landscape, the rich and complex history, the food…the spirit of Vietnam just takes you in and makes you happy. I can’t imagine a couple visiting and not leaving more in love than they were when they arrived.”

Yolanda Felton and husband Brandon at their vow renewal ceremony.

Yolanda Felton and husband Brandon at their vow renewal ceremony. (photo courtesy of subject)

Best Place for Wine Enthusiasts: Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico

Pop a bottle open with your partner in one of the most unexpected of places: Mexico. “Valle de Guadalupe is an undiscovered gem. It’s one of the most exquisite wine regions in the world, with some of the best wines, but most people don’t know about it. A short drive from San Diego, Valle de Guadalupe produces some fantastic reds and boasts top-notch restaurants. It is also unapologetically romantic. It seems like every winery and tasting room has a space for couples to take in the magical sunsets, while drinking the perfect Cabernet Sauvignon,” said Yolanda Felton.

Best Place to Unplug: Takayama, Japan

Lisa of Barbers Go Global travels the world with her husband Lucas. You can check out their epic adventures here. To unwind, one of their favorite places to date has been in Japan. “Takayama is a beautifully preserved town that is surrounded by the Japanese Alps. The remote mountain location provides an optimal environment to unplug, visit quaint shops and delicious eateries while bicycling past traditional sites.”

Lisa Barbar in Takayama, Japan.

Lisa and Lucas Barbar in Takayama, Japan. (Photo courtesy of subject)

Best Place for Outdoor Adventure: Queenstown, New Zealand

Skiing, jet boat riding, and skydiving are just a few activities that this island in southwest New Zealand has to offer.  “Queenstown is stunningly beautiful and is culturally rich due to its Maori heritage. The resort town is ideal for outdoor adventures and nearby scenic attractions including the Fiordland National Park and the International Dark Sky Reserve for stargazing,” said Lisa Barbers.

Lisa and Lucas Barber in Queenstown, New Zealand

Lisa and Lucas Barber in Queenstown, New Zealand. (photo courtesy of subject)