Employee video of filthy Popeye’s restaurant with roaches and flies goes viral


If you looove that chicken at Popeyes, you may want to reconsider after seeing a video viral by employee Shakita Shemere, at a Detroit Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, went viral showing disgusting and unsanitary conditions.

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The 20-year-old blew the whistle about the repulsive conditions after she said a manager tried to force her to clean up a roach-infested area that Shemere refused to clean. She told 910am Superstation that she quit because the nasty conditions with flies circulating around raw chicken, worms oozing over food and roaches roaming around was just too much to stomach.

We’d have to agree!

The video showed open containers of what looks like unrefrigerated raw chicken, dozens of dirty containers and trash laying all around.

Shemere said she worked on drive-thru and the manager told her to clean the back, she said she didn’t want to do it.

“The roaches starting to come out the box so I screamed and kicked the box,” she explained.  

The manager, she said, got mad and then she took matters in her own hands.

“You know what I’m about to tell the whole world what’s going on and I quit since you about to play me like I’m supposed to be the inspector,” she said to the manager.

Having only worked at the restaurant, Shemere said it was horrible.

“This was the worst experience ever. I never worked at a place that had so many bugs, so many dirty dishes… The managers in here act like they are just used to it like we’re supposed to be OK with it,” she continued.

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The reporter asked Shemere if she quit or was she fired as previously reported.  

“No I quit. I told him I’m not playing with the roaches so he said ‘Well you can clock out. You can get off my thing,’ OK that’s perfectly fine I’m not playing with no roaches, I’m not about to fight with these flies, those worms that’s in the front, I’m not about to play with them. I’m not dealing with none of that!”

The restaurant was closed on Tuesday and Detroit’s health department officials said the restaurant is cooperating with cleaning protocols.

Popeyes’ corporate office told the AP the franchise owner was working with health officials to clean up the situation.