Beauty entrepreneur opens fabulous med-spa and shares 7 tips on how to secure the bag

Melanie Fields, CEO of Flawless Icon, urges prospective entrepreneurs to start small and build.

Melanie Fields TheGrio
Melanie Fields (Courtesey of Melanie Fields)

As an exotic dancer, Melanie Fields knew the importance of staying in shape and keeping her skin flawless. But it was taxing work. It meant working 12-hour shifts during the day and then dancing after dark for seven hours, seven days a week in Miami’s hottest clubs.

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That’s when Fields knew it was time for a life-changing transition. She is now chief executive of her own med-spa company, Flawless Icon. She talked with TheGrio about the rewards of diving head first into the beauty business, and shares tips on how other women can secure the bag by starting their own companies.

Time for a change: ‘I felt like my legs were going to give out’

In 2015, Fields said she was on he brink of self-destruction with a demanding schedule.

“I can remember being extremely tired, mentally and physically, trying to juggle my office work during the day and dancing at night,” she said. “I would go to my office around 9-10:00 am and leave around 8-9:00 pm to go home and shower. After showering, I would head straight to the club to work. By the time I hit the floor, it was midnight and I would stay until 5-6:30 am the following morning. I felt like my legs were going to give out and I was going to pass out.”

From that frustration, the Trinidadian-born Fields, decide to step away from the night-life and focus her energies on starting Flawless Icon, which offers top-of-the line beauty products and procedures.

As the saying goes, Black don’t crack, but that doesn’t mean Black women don’t need the right facial procedures to keep their skin tight and all the way together.

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Flawless Icon offers Anti Aging Glutathione Injections, laser hair removal, teeth whitening, laser liposuction with skin tightening, and a facial for brightening & tightening.

Celebrities have signed up to work with Fields too. She is currently working with rapper, Trina, on franchise opportunities.

Here what she has to say about her beauty business:

TheGrio: What made you want to launch this company?

Melanie Fields: What made me want to launch Flawless Icon was my love for aesthetics, body treatments, and just the love for the spa industry and, of course, staying fine and young forever.

TG: What’s the most popular procedure and why?

MF: Flawless Icons most popular procedure is our Anti-Aging Flawless Skin in a Syringe Glutathione & Vitamin C Injection. Why? Because [it] is one of celebrities’ best kept secrets to [looking] younger, wrinkle free, and [maintaining] clear skin. It also detoxifies the body and destroys free radicals, which make us ill. It’s also very popular for enhancing one’s skin complexion to bring out that glow we all want, which brightens dull skin and hyper-pigmentation.

TG: What’s the most important beauty and maintenance tip that Black women need to know?

MF: One beauty tip a woman of color should know is to protect your skin from the sun with sunscreen at all times and moisturize day and night to prevent your skin from drying out, cracking and aging faster. Tip: Shop Flawless Skin Max for celebs best kept secret to Flawless Skin & Antiaging in a bottle.

TG: What’s your future goal for the company?

MF: My future goals for Flawless Icon is to keep building it up and open as many franchise locations as we can.

TG: What’s the best lesson you’d want to pass onto other female entrepreneurs looking to launch or transition into a new business?


  1. Pray, Pray. Pray.
  2. Move in silence. Keep all your ideas to yourself. Don’t even tell your family or close friends.
  3. Just do it. And save for dry days.
  4. Do not hire family and friends.
  5. Don’t give up. There will be rollercoaster rides and headaches, however, it’s part of the process and it will pass and get better.
  6. Pray over your business and only keep positive and uplifting and like-minded people in your circle.
  7. Start small and build. Don’t look at the next person and try to be like them! You don’t know how long they have been grinding. All you see is the shine. Do you and master your craft. Your shine time will come because you have focused on your vision.

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