High School students in blackface investigated after uploading videos spewing n-word

Sacramento high school students in blackface under investigation thegrio.com

An incident involving two students who uploaded videos spewing the n-word while wearing black face, is under investigation by the Sacramento City Unified School District.

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The school district released a statement on Wednesday saying it was aware of the videos with racially charged language that was posted on Instagram, the Sacramento Bee reports. The district has launched an investigation since they believe the students attend C.K. McClatchy High School.

“I am aware that two students from our district posted an inappropriate video over social media using racial slurs and engaging in other racially insensitive behavior,” said Superintendent Jorge Aguilar in a statement.

“Our district takes very seriously and finds unacceptable the use of racist language and behavior by any student, employee or member of our school community.”

The video has been removed but Black Lives Matter Sacramento grabbed a screenshot showing a girl in blackface or a black mask. In the video a guy’s voice can be heard saying: “I don’t think this bird likes n——.” In the second scene, he says “Hi, n—–,” as a girl is heard laughing.

Black Lives Matter Sacramento said in a Facebook post:

“This racist trend of mocking black people has been given more than the green light,” Black Lives Matter said in a Facebook post that accompanied the video.

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“Sacramento’s McClatchy High School students are taking their turn at being anti-black, by wearing black-face mask and using the word ‘N—–’ so freely. Since they were so bold in their actions, we have to put them on blast, seek accountability and transparency from them, their parents and the school district.”

The district however is wrestling with how to deal with the situation or if they have the authority to discipline them since the school is not in session and the video was recorded off-campus.

“Those are all factors that we have to investigate,” he said. “What is a school district’s authority when we are on summer break and we don’t start school for two weeks?”

District spokesman Alex Barrios said one of the “big questions we’re looking at,” he said, is whether the students are 18 or older. If not, then their privacy will have to be protected if they are underage. If so, then there will be limited information released to the public about the minor students.

The Sacramento chapter of the NAACP issued a statement Wednesday.

“Students must be able to study in a safe and welcoming environment, and it is the legal responsibility of both McClatchy High School and the district to ensure that happens,” said Betty Williams, the chapter president.

“Sacramento is one of America’s most diverse cities, and the district must send a strong, unambiguous message that hate has no place on any of its campuses.”