White man arrested for fatally stabbing Black Pittsburgh man was also caught on camera spewing n-word

The police also have footage of the stabbing.

Joden Rocco has been charged with homicide in the stabbing death of Dulane Cameron in Pittsburgh. Rocco was also caught on camera spouting the n-word.

Joden Rocco and Dulane Cameron thegrio.com
Joden Rocco and Dulane Cameron

A video that has circulated widely on social media shows a Pittsburgh man out on a rampage and daring to stir up trouble by seeing how many times he could get away with saying the n-word. Now 24-year-old, Joden Rocco has been charged with killing a Black man, CBS reports.

In an Instagram video (which has since been removed), Rocco could be seen making racially charged remarks, pledging to see how many bars he can visit before getting kicked out for using the n-word.  

Rocco was barred from entering the Little Red Corvette Bar at Tequila Cowboy for trying to pull the stunt.

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The Fatal Encounter

Rocco then took his anger out on an unsuspecting man, 24-year old Dulane Cameron from Leetsdale who was walking toward PNC Park. Cameron was with a friend, friend, Trei Hendon when they encountered Rocco who stabbed him in the neck, killing him.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette obtained an 8-second video of the confrontation filmed by a bystander. In it, a shirtless white man (Rocco) without picks a fight with two Black men (Cameron and Hendon). Rocco starts swinging his fists, as they slowly approach him with their arms at their sides. Several people are shouting.

A witness at the scene told police as the fight ensued, both men eventually tried to hit each other. Cameron, however, was stabbed and fell to the ground with blood gushing from his neck. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

“I just can’t describe how I felt when she told me my grandson had been killed,” said Barbara Cameron, the victim’s grandmother. “It just hurt me to my heart.”

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“It’s hard to believe that in 2018, that this is still what we’re dealing with,” said Desiree Cameron McDougal, the victim’s aunt.

Rocco was apprehended after remaining in the area and then asking an officer for a ride home to North Hills. Police has Rocco’s description.

Rocco has been charged with homicide and possessing a weapon of a crime and remains in the Allegheny County Jail.

The Father Forgives

After the fatal incident, Dulane Cameron Sr, the victim’s father says he forgives the white man who killed his son even as an online petition signed by 900 people circulates demanding that Rocco face hate crime charges.

“He has my forgiveness,” Cameron Sr. said of Mr. Rocco.

“As Jesus, humble on the cross, said, ‘Father forgive them; they know not what they do.’ And I’m feeling the same way.”

“This is definitely demonic, there is definitely a spirit that is corrupting and causing all this division and crime,” Cameron Sr. said. “My heart goes out to that man and it goes out to his family for what he has to face.”

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Cameron Sr. said his son lived a good life and was working part-time jobs like taking college classes. He described his son as giving, gentle and kind.

Cameron Sr said about his son and his friend who were attacked:

“They weren’t raised to pick fights or to bully,” Mr. Cameron said. “They didn’t have that in their hearts. It wasn’t a part of their spirit. These were beautiful men, beautiful young men of color.”

Cameron’s family and friends set up a GoFundMe page to help with Cameron’s funeral: https://www.gofundme.com/dulane-cameron