White man with past sex abuse convictions urinates on Black 5-year-old and calls her the n-word

The man is currently in a Kent County Jail as police investigate.

Stop Abusive Relationships

A known sex offender in Michigan with a history of mental illness is now behind bars after a 5-year-old Black girl reported that he peed on her and called her a racial slur, MLive reports.

The assault happened August 22 in an alley in Grand Rapids, police say. The 60-year-old white man urinated on the girl and called her the n-word. Records show he has previous sexual assault convictions, but has been non-compliant with the state’s Sex Offender Registry.

“The allegations are disturbing, especially because they involve a child,” Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker said in a statement.

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The  man was previously involuntarily committed to psychiatric hospitals. According to reports, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia, but had not been taking his prescribed medication. He remains in Kent County Jail as the investigation is underway. Charges are pending.

“We cannot make a decision until we have the final report. It is premature to say what will happen until the investigation is complete,” Becker said.

Given the man’s alarming history, the mother of the girl who was assaulted is outraged and questions why the man wasn’t watched more closely by mental health officials.

“If he is not stable and maybe not taking his meds, why is he out here living in this neighborhood,” said the mother, who did not want to be identified.

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The youth reported the troubling incident to her parents around 6:10 p.m.  Three other children witnessed the horrifying crime and provided a description of the perpetrator to authorities. After police identified a potential suspect, they went to the man’s home, but he was not there.

When the sexual predator returned home, a neighbor notified police and he was arrested without incident, according to reports.

A History of Sexual Abuse

The unnamed sexual offender was convicted of attempted second-degree criminal-sexual conduct in 1981 and in 1997 he was convicted of second-degree criminal-sexual conduct involving a child under 13, records said.

Last year, Kent County Probate Judge David Murkowski ordered the man to undergo in-patient mental health treatment, determining that without it he’d likely hurt himself. The man was reportedly ordered to be hospitalized for up to 90 days.

“He is focusing on a young female despite her expression for him not to continue to speak to her (and has) a history of criminal activity toward young females,” a report filed last year said.

According to a social worker’s report, “He is easily provoked, delusional and sexually preoccupied due to increasing psychosis.”

He “has limited insight into the need for medications and awareness of ruminating thoughts that disrupt his activities of daily life,” the social worker wrote in court documents.