Andrew Gillum WINS Democratic primary- one step closer to becoming Governor of Florida

It was a major upset that defied the odds. Gillum is first black candidate to win a major-party nomination for FL gov.


Andrew Gillum did it, and he did it his way.

The Mayor of Tallahassee is projected to win the Democratic primary race for Governor of Florida.  Gillum, 39, is the first African-American in history to win a major-party nomination in Florida’s gubernatorial race.

Gillum beat out four other wealthy candidates, including Gwen Graham who was once a member of Congress and a projected frontrunner in the race.

Gillum’s platform includes $15 minimum wage, raises for public school teachers and universal healthcare.

“Tonight as the mayor of Florida’s capital city, I humbly accept the Democratic nomination,” Gillum said to loud cheers from watch-party attendees as they chanted “Bring it home! Bring it home!”

Gillum wasted no time addressing one of his proposed changes: criminal justice reform.

“Beneath my name is also a desire by the majority of people in this state to see real criminal justice reform take hold,” said Gillum to the crowd.

“The kind of criminal justice reform, which allows people who make a mistake to be able to redeem themselves from that mistake, return to society, have their right to vote, but also have their right to work.”

This fall, he will face off against Republican Nominee, Ron DeSantis, to replace Governor Rick Scott.

If Gillum wins, he would be the first black governor in the state of Florida.

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Watch Gillum’s victory speech to his crowd of supporters in Florida: