Rapper, producer, eh … President Kanye West?

Yep, at least according to singer John Legend, a good friend of the controversial rapper, West is planning to run for president. Legend

“Oh yeah. I think he’s said it multiple times. … I think he’s serious,” Legend told the Sun’s Dan Wooten in a Friday podcast, adding that he doesn’t know what party West would run on: “if I were to guess, I’d think he’d probably run as an independent.”

According to a Los Angeles Times article that appeared on AJC, Legend said that West thinks if Trump can be president, so can he. West it seems finds commonality with himself and Trump.

West who has made a show of being supportive of Trump, had tweeted a photo while wearing a MAGA hat back in April, prompting Legend to reach out to him to try and dissuade him from doing so. Legend was surprised when West revealed those private texts.

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Legend who has been a critic of the president didn’t mince words about whether Trump is the best model for West to base his bid for a presidential run.

“He’s done enough to get impeached,” Legend told The Los Angeles Times. “He’s done enough to embarrass the nation, to use the office to enrich himself and to abuse his power that he should not be president anymore if there’s any justice,” Legend said on the podcast.

“That doesn’t mean it’s going to happen, because it’s a political process and legislators have to vote for it,” Legend continued. “Be he deserves to be removed from office.”