Kim Kardashian is accused of stealing jewelry…ideas

Kim Kardashian probably won’t take this kind of shade lightly.

Reality star/entrepreneur, Kim Kardashian is being called “trash” for apparently “jacking” not only a jewelry concept by a rival but also using the same photographer as well.

Designer Tanaya Henry blasted Kardashian and photographer, Marcus Hyde, accusing them of stealing her ideas, reported Friday.

In photos promoting her upcoming Classic Blossom Collection, Kardashian can be seen in an enticing manner with a lip ring and licking her teeth.

But the LA-based Henry said the concept was hers and she can prove it, too. Henry, whose line, Lace by Tanaya, took to Instagram showing apparent screenshots of Kardashian’s tweets to vent about Kardashian and Hyde, but also calling out Kim K’s  hip-hop star hubby Kanye West:

“Shoutout to @kimkardashian and @marcushyde for completely jacking NOT ONLY my concept, but #LIPLACE too!,” Henry’s IG post said. “Crazy part is @marcushyde was my friend long before he started working with @kanyewest & @kimkardashian and has shot @lacebytanaya countless times, but because he got a check out of this, he says it’s not his problem. Kim, you’ve pulled my product & you could’ve again for this shoot. Your whole family’s worn @lacebytanaya. You guys know who I am and you know my shit but pretend you don’t. I just said hi to Kanye on FaceTime 4 days ago. You guys are trash.”


In a second post, Henry posted a series of images from her collection that appear similar to Kardashian’s. In the photos, women can also be seen wearing lip rings and posing with expressions similar to Kardashian, but with fruit including blackberries, strawberries, and kiwi.

And, according to Hollywood Life, Henry then wrote in a caption, “This is @lacebytanaya. About to go light an incense and meditate before I lose my shit. #tbt#liplace.”

Then Henry went HAM by posting screenshots from an apparent text conversation with Hyde to an Instagram story.

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It appears Hyde is trying to explain himself as Henry asks not to contact her during the tense exchange.

“I didn’t ask,” Hyde apparently said. “(Kardashian) hired me to shoot lipsticks and she puts jewelry on that I have no idea who made but ur mad at me for it. That makes no sense.”

Henry tersely counters with: “Stop texting me.”

Hyde: “This is lam af… I literally did nothing”.


Hyde: “U made the grille too?” … “I’ve always supported you and it’s messed up you think I would have anything to do with something like this. Other than shooting i don’t tell people what they can and can’t wear especially if I’m only there to shoot it.

Hyde adds, “If you’re going to hate me for that then by all means but you know me and I would never intentionally do you wrong… trying tp (sp) have you hate me for something I really had no control over. I’ve never stolen ideas from anyone that’s not me and especially would never do it to someone I look at as a friend.”

Henry: “Guilt must have u by the neck.”

Hyde: “Guilt?”

Henry: “You would’ve shut up a long time ago if you really felt it wasn’t an issue. Leave me alone before I block you”.

Hyde: “I feel it’s an issue bc I have ppl dm me”.

Henry: “You want money and fame” … “That’s why I didn’t come to your event” … “I saw it from a mile away” … Stop texting me. Good night.”

Still no word from Kardashian. Stay tuned.



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