Q&A with April Reign: Serena, diversity, and lessons for Black women in the workplace

April Reign checked in to talk black women in the workplace. (theGrio)

This week at the Congressional Black Caucus48th Annual Legislative Conference, media maven April Reign stepped into theGrio’s studio to talk about black women in the workplace.

In the wake of tennis champ Serena Williams‘ upsetting experience at the U.S. Open, there’s been renewed conversation about the disrespect black women often endure at work, and what it means to advocate for yourself on the job.

Reign, who is the creator of #OscarsSoWhite and an expert on race, gender and cultural issues, weighed in on the lessons and takeaways.

“Serena’s in an individual sport. So in that moment she stood alone,” Reign said.

“For those of us in the corporate world or otherwise, I think we need to pick our battles to be honest with you, because rent is still due on the first.  So you can absolutely stand up for yourself, just know what the consequences might be.  That’s why it’s important for advocates and allies to stick up because there’s power in numbers.”

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