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Protestors refused to allow O’Shae Terry’s shooting death at the hands of Arlington police, to be forgotten.

Texas cop’s fatal shooting of Black man overshadowed despite momentum

And on Tuesday activists and supporters confronted police officials and demanded answers about the circumstances surrounding that Sept. 1 traffic stop that resulted in an unarmed Black man being shot to death by a white police officer.

Terry was reportedly fatally shot as he drove off during the middle of a traffic stop after he was pulled over for having an expired registration, WFAA reported. The officer reportedly asked Terry to turn off his engine. He did at first, but according to reports, minutes later he began to roll up his window on the passenger side where an officer was standing and pulled off.

Body camera video showed the officer sticking his hand in the window and ordering Terry to stop. When he pulled off in his SUV, the officer pulled out his gun and began firing and fatally shooting Terry.

Drugs and a .40-caliber handgun were reportedly recovered from Terry’s vehicle.

“I want to know who shot him. Why? What were the reasons? What was the probable cause?” said 24-year-old Terrence Harmon, a passenger in Terry’s vehicle, who said he has yet to be questioned by police. “To this day, 30 days later, nobody has yet come to talk to me.

Arlington police spokeswoman Sgt. Karen Standback said while Harmon hasn’t been formally interviewed, they did talk to him at the scene.

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The meeting was organized by the NAACP at New Life Fellowship Church.

Police spokesman, Lt. Christopher Cook, previously said in a statement Wednesday that the department isn’t naming the officer because of concerns for his safety.

Texas officials are also grappling with the outrage over the fatal police shooting of Botham Jean who was gunned down in his own home last month. Amber Guyger was charged with manslaughter and fired from the Dallas police department.