The Download | August 17th: Georgia Police Chief defends Officer who twisted young Black boy arm + Officers identified in the death of Morehouse graduate, Chinedu Valentine Okobi

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[griojw id=”cKxqDWDh” playerid=”x9J2bwvH”]A Georgia Police chief is defending the officer who twisted the arm of a 12-year-old who was trying to sell his music CDs at a mall. Chief Michael Register says the officer was within his rights to touch the boy and says the boy was trespassing by selling CDs.

An activist posted the video which went viral after the boy’s aunt got into a scuffle with cops over the incident.

Five officers have been identified in the death of a Morehouse graduate and father Chinedu Valentine Okobi,36. Okobi died after officers tased him during an altercation. He had no outstanding warrants and his family said he battled with some mental health issues. The family’s attorney wants footage of the police encounter released immediately

In the state of Georgia, a group of Black senior citizens heading to vote were told to get off the bus. According to AJC, a county clerk expressed concerns with the seniors leaving the center for political activity.

Black Voters Matter —which organized the group– wants to spread the word.