Black teen tells Dr. Phil that she’s white, follows the KKK and sees Black people as ‘gorillas’

A 16-year-old black girl appeared on the Dr. Phil show insisting that she is white and identifies with the KKK.

16- year-old Treasure guest on Dr. Phil show who believes she is white. via Facebook

A Black teen girl named Treasure has told TV’s Dr. Phil that she thinks Black people are junk and that she is not one of them — and the Internet is not having it.

“I’m a Caucasian because everything about me is different from African Americans,” the 16-year-old told the television host.

Black people are ugly, dumb and just downright “gorillas,” Treasure said, explaining she is nothing like that.

Treasure, identified by only her first name on the program, told Dr. Phil that there is nothing Black about her. Flinging her parted hair, the teen said that her lips are not big, her skin is not a Black person’s skin and that her hair is naturally straight. And her figure, she said, is most like that of reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

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“When it comes to Black people, I think they’re all ugly and I have nothing in common with them,” Treasure informed a straight-faced Dr. Phil while audience members looked appalled and confused expressions. “I believe that I’m completely and utterly and better than them,” Treasure said.

The teen told Dr. Phil that Black people have a habit of conducting themselves “in a criminal way” and that sometimes she wants to ask them what is wrong with them. She said she believes in her philosophies so strongly that she has followed the Ku Klux Klan since she was a wee thing.

“I have freedom of speech and everything I’m saying is true,” she said.

Treasure’s mother, Monique, said the teen’s father is not around and that she has tried to explain to her that her biological father is Black.

No thanks, was Treasure’s response to that explanation.

“People try to tell me I’m an African American, but that’s not true,” Treasure tells Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil told Monique that he wanted to do a show on Treasure because he believes that her case provides a “teachable moment.”

The Internet was saddened by Treasure’s case and dragged her for her beliefs, but also showed some compassion and even accused Dr. Phil of exploiting the teen.

“The thing about Treasure,” tweeted @GalagaLuvr69, “is that one day she’s gonna get a very rude awakening w/all those delusions she’s having.”


“I have watched his show for years and respected him,” @msgreta2 said of Dr. Phil. “However, when I see Treasure and any variety of others, I see him exploiting people to keep himself relevant.”