White woman ‘South Park Susan’ turns herself in for harassing two black women

Susan Westwood, now nicknamed "South Park Susan," has turned herself into the police after a viral video showed her harassing two black women in North Carolina parking lot.


A white woman with audacity who used her “caucacity” to harass and insult two Black women in North Carolina, and yes, call the cops on them, has now been arrested after a video went viral showing the disturbing confrontation, The NY Daily News reports.

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The woman, Susan Westwood, now known as “South Park Susan,” has been fired from her job and turned herself into the police. She was charged with a misdemeanor for misusing the 911 system on Oct. 19th when she falsely claimed two women were trying to break into nearby residences.

“Hi, how are you? I’m white, I’m beautiful, I’m hot … This is Myers Park, South Park, b—-. Why are you up in here hanging out?” Westwood ranted on the video to Leisa and Mary Garris, who minding their business as they wanted for their car to get a jumpstart.

Westwood then threatened to display a gun saying she’d “bring out (her) concealed weapon”. The women called the cops twice to report the erratic woman harassing them. Then Westwood called 911 and reported to the dispatcher she would pay $2,500 “to get them out of here.”

“They are actually people that I’ve never seen here before. They are African-American,” she says during the 911 call from Oct. 19th. “They’ve been hanging out here for a while. And they’ve been photographing me because I think they want to try and get me. But they’ve been going into that apartment … We need to get them out of here. They don’t belong here.”

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The video has been viewed thousands of times and it earned Westwood the nickname “Southpark Susan” for her antics.

At first, the police were unable to locate Westwood, but on Oct. 30, police issued a misdemeanor warrant for misuse of the 911 system against Westwood, the outlet reports. The charges include making threats against the women.

Westwood reportedly is getting kicked out to her apartment too.

Comes with the territory when you call cops on Black people for nothing.