In wake of drive-by shooting, Chuck D says Kanye is too old to be hanging out with Tekashi 6ix9ine


Two days after shots were fired at a Beverly Hills, Calif., mansion where young rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine was shooting a music video with Kanye West, rapper Chuck D is telling TMZ that Kanye is too old to be hanging out with the younger rapper.

Instead, Chuck D told TMZ, Kanye, 41, should be imparting wisdom on Tekashi 6ix9ine, 22.

“What is an older person doing hanging with a younger person anyway?” asked the Public Enemy rapper, whose given name is Carlton Douglas Ridenhour.  “Either you help the younger person or you’ve just got to stay out of that.”

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TMZ caught up with Chuck D at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday and asked him about the Friday incident, in which shots were fired at a mansion where not only Tekashi6ix9ine and West were present, but also a production crew. Nicki Minaj also was supposed to be there but had not yet arrived, according to TMZ.

About eight shots were fired, including one through a bedroom window, but no one was hurt, according to reports. Takashi 6ix9ine’s crew rented an $80 million estate to serve as a backdrop for a music video from one of the songs on a new album, TMZ reported. West left immediately after the incident, according to the news organization.

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People in the public eye should be aware that others are watching and could be influenced by their actions, Chuck D said.

“You’ve got millions in prison right now who are looking at a situation like that … and saying, ‘Damn, if I only had a chance,’ “ Chuck D said. “So you’ve always got to keep in mind who’s on that other side who doesn’t have those opportunities. You’ve got people out there who’ve been doing the arts and crafts and rappin’ all their life man and ain’t even got just one head nod and then they see this go down.”

“It ain’t the kid’s fault,” Chuck D added. “When you’re the older person and you can’t even guide a younger person or you don’t even have the wisdom to have them pick up on it then you’ve just got to stay out of that.”

He added, “ Why is a 40-year-old person hanging with a 20-year-old person anyway?”

Last month, one of Tekashi6ix9ine’s bodyguards was injured outside of a restaurant where the rapper planned to celebrate a sentence of probation for posting the video of an underage girl engaged in a sex act. The rapper’s given name is Daniel Hernandez.